How it works

The best solution to mirror your device
to any computer screen

How to mirror your device’s screen

Mirroring360 provides you the ability to mirror the display screen of devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or tablet, Chromebook, PC, or Mac to computers wire-free!

Mirroring an iPad / iPhone or Mac screen is achieved using the AirPlay™ technology made by Apple, all you need to do is simply install the Mirroring360 application to the computer you wish to mirror to and start mirroring!

Mirroring Android screens require the installation of Mirroring360 Sender on to your compatible Android device.

Mirroring a Windows PC screen requires the installation of Mirroring360 Sender on your PC.

Mirroring a Chromebook requires the installation of Chrome browser extensions – simply follow the instructions below to complete your setup. (Note: This optional setup is necessary only if you wish to mirror Chromebooks)

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