Cast your Chromebook
Screen to a PC or Mac

Mirroring360 and Mirroring360 Sender Chrome App make it Easy

Mirroring360 enables you to mirror your Chromebook or computer screen to another PC or Mac wirelessly.

Mirroring360 is designed for teachers, students, and business presenters with a focus on ease-of-use and being fast-to-share. It is a collaboration tool suite for collaboration and screen sharing for 1:1 education, BYOD classrooms and boardrooms.

It works similarly to Chromecast but the Mirroring360 advantage is that this is designed for large deployments and networks. Mirroring360 provides an easy way for teachers and students to cast their device screens to a computer across VLANs and subnets.

Get started in two easy steps

  1. Click here to add the Mirroring360 Sender Chrome App (free) to your Chrome browser
  2. Install the Mirroring360 (receiver) software (free trial, buy from $14.99) on the receiving computer (PC or Mac)
The Mirroring360 Sender Chrome App enables you to:
  • Mirror your Chromebook or computer to another computer, instantly and wirelessly!
  • Up to 4 Chromebook or computer screens can be shared simultaneously
  • Real-time share ANY application, files, or multi-media content from your Chromebook or computer

Here’s what you need to do to cast your screen

On the receiving PC or Mac that you are casting to
  1. Run the Mirroring360 Receiver app
  2. You will see the Computer Name and 9-digit code that you can use to connect below